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The Basics Of BGAN Satellite Internet Service | BGAN Terminal Providers

Except for the north and south poles, BGAN Satellite Internet is available across most of the world. Even the outer areas of Antarctica are covered.

A Broadband Global Area Network provides coverage on a global scale. This is the most far reaching area network in existence today. It uses a standard infrastructure around the world, which is available through traditional providers. Instead of cables, all connections use a terminal which is connected directly to the customer's laptop or desktop.

Local and regional mobility are expected from today's cell phone internet providers but this architecture provides coverage anywhere around the world. The terminal does not have to stay in one place but rather, can be moved and set up anywhere and still have access. Without the buried cables and numerous repeaters that are standard fare with high speed access, there are few points of failure meaning that this service is inherently reliable. The established connection goes directly from the terminal to a waiting satellite.

A satellite in geosynchronous orbit maintains its position relative to the ground. Using those, world-wide coverage is now available. As long as the terminal can draw line of sight to a satellite, it can connect a user to both the world wide web and telephone services. After the signal reaches the nearest one, it is bounced to others locked in orbit until it reaches the nearest one to the ISP. From there it is sent out to the requested website.

Many people travel extensively for either work or recreation. In either case, a traditional connection provides no use away from home or the office. That's where this connection becomes useful. The mobility provided allows those users to connect from anywhere they happen to be. This mobility can be a great asset. Anyone who travels to, or lives in, a remote location will find that this is the only connection available.

Today, BGAN connections provide the fastest, globally mobile, internet access in the world. They operate at 492kb per second for both upload and download speeds. With a latency of 1 to 1.5 seconds, they suffer the same latency as other, regional, satellite connections. By comparison, a traditional stationary connection will see latency anywhere from 30ms to around 300ms. The 1.5 second latency would be 1500ms so users who are used to that stationary access will find this connection latent. However, for basic web access and email, that latency is not usually an inhibiting factor.

It's inability to actively adjust connection angle leads to this service's primary limitation. It is unavailable, using the standard terminal, from a moving vehicle such as a boat or truck. Connections from a moving aircraft are similarly unavailable, further complicated by the doppler effect. The terminals require a set angle to the connection point in order to maintain their connection. There are specific terminals developed for use with either watercraft or aircraft. Currently there are no specific terminals developed for use from land vehicles.

For anyone who requires access from remote or varied locations, BGAN Satellite Internet provides that access. It's inherent mobility is a great asset to anyone who travels often or to remote locations.


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